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Maximum quality high pressure sodium lamps have been specially designed with SLP (Son Light Power).
Suitable for growth and blooming.

  • Presented in a discharge tube of polycrystalline aluminum enclosed in a tubular glass bulb.
  • The discharge tube contains a blend of sodium and mercury with xenon gas.
  • Clear tubular outer bulb.

Product Benefits
  • High efficiency 600W [>150 lm/W = 90000 lumens 200.000 Phyto-Lumens ].
  • High emission of radiation PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation between 400 and 700nm).
  • Light is more rich and nutrient in respect to the common HPS lamps.
  • SLP technology enhances the reliability and reduces the rate of early failures with reliable ignition for the duration of the lamps life.
  • They have the best performance and profitability in greenhouse productions.
  • Given the high emissions of blue and red spectrums, this lamp encourages the ideal result for growth and quality of the plant and flower.

  • Good environmental choice because they offer high energy efficiency and a long, reliable lamp life.
  • This product complies with RoHS regulations.
  • This product is covered by CE regulations.

llumination Devices
  • Utilizes only high quality ignition structures to achieve the maximum grade illumination and colour temperature.

  • Horticultural applications, plant irradiations.

Subject Comparison: data sheet Sonlight Agro 400W
Img Lamp
C Max D Max L Nom O Nom
275 46 166 102

Spectrum distribution colour power
Spectrum distribution colour power

Diagram of light emissions
Diagram of light emissions
Product Data
Product Code 1736
Product Name Sonlight AGRO 600
Type of Packaging Single
Pieces per box 1
Quantity per packaging 12
Net Weight per piece 0.182 (KG)
Power[W] 600W
Description of Structure E [external igniter]
Lampholder E40
Bulb T46[T 46mm]
Bulb Finish Clear
Burning Position Any/Universal
Voltage [V] 230
Colour Temperature [K] 2050
Lamp Luminous Flux Cu-Fe [Lm] 90000
Spectrum distribution of b/n power
Spectrum distribution of b/n power

Ignition performance – Variance with the voltage
 Ignition performanceVariance with the voltage

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